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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Well, it wasn't quite like this

The New York State Field Band Conference began last night at ESM High School, and there were my sisters and I supporting Ms. Nickerdoodles out on the field. It was cold. Or I'm not used to being outside at night. And it wasn't 1988 or any of the memories I have of watching what used to be DCI that my parents used to watch on PBS. But it was entertaining and music is always karmic.

And it was very early in the season. We sat next to nice people who were Pirates Of Onondaga Lake (Parents of Obnoxious Liverpoolians). Their kids didn't have the viagra plumes of the Northstars, but their ships bow had the same protrusion of West Genny's helmets (And if anyone needs shiny wrapping paper this Christmas, I imagine the Wildcats Colorguard wouldn't mind selling their uniforms for a cheap price).

But I miss the volume of year's past and the booming of horns and drums. The local bands simply don't recruit like they used to.

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