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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It wouldn't be September without a posting like this..

I don't know how old I will be when I stop being amazed at Monarch butterflies that choose to run with me when I'm trying to keep control of my Ripley genetics and I'm out on the streets pounding the pavement. Yesterday, a monarch flew by my side for a good ten minutes, dipping in front of my eyes and then flying low by my shoulder.

It's as if they fly in from outer space. One second I'm panting and analyzing my day, and the next minute I'm running with An E. Rip, who dances in the skyline in the celestial ways I remember from my youth.

I found this video online and there are three reasons why I love it. One is that it shows a monarch's first flight. The second is that this particular Monarch moves upon a purple butterfly bush (like the one at my parents, my backyard and at my sister, Cynde's). The third is the the child's voice watching it take off and the mother's surprise when it actually does.

For me, everything is in the five letter K A R M A of this post. That is all that's ever really mattered to me, except now I see the importance of getting Casey, Dave, Jake and Sean a butterfly bush next spring.

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