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Friday, September 24, 2010

Karma is how time doesn't marinate

There's buzz online about the class of 2001's tenth year reunion. The irony is that they were enrolled in their junior year when I experienced my own. Now, they are the age I was when I was teaching them. Two G's and A Dollar (2001) were with me for my first four years of teaching. They had me during their freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior years. When they graduated, I felt a chunk of who I was disappeared. A few years later, I'd learn that they were special, but many things are meant to only be temporary.

We all experienced the same cave for four years of life and now, almost ten years later, we are on to our own things, simply connected to the way we used to be.

Even so, thinking about those four years with them and all that occurred, it is hard not to feel a karmic connection. As they paced the cage towards graduation, I too would began to stroll. Strolling is where the real learning occurs, anyway, and now I'm thinking of them and how so much life has occurred since they were so central to my own.

This, I suppose, is the life of a teacher.

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