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Monday, December 13, 2010

Wait! Wait! They Tell Me!

I am back indoors now that the weather has turned. I go to the gym, run for a half hour, and then lift weights. I also hit my IPod up for news shows I download and I am a huge fan of the downloaded podcast, especially WAIT! WAIT! DON'T TELL ME! when Paula Poundstone is on.

I highly recommend downloading this to your ITunes (for free) so you can listen to it while baking holiday cookies or for ironing. The humor is just what the listener needs as they multi-task and try to kill two birds with one stone (Bawk! Bawk! Plop!).

In a dream life, I am only a radio voice that answers silly questions once a week for millions of listeners. I love that the show pulls in comedians to offer their wit on weekly news and to win, da da daaaaa! a voice message for a random listener from Carl Rove.
If you haven't listened to the show, you should. It's on NPR weekly, but if you're not in the car driving when the show comes on, the chances are slim you'll catch it. Instead, you can nab it for your ITunes without any economical obligations.

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