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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Muffs for the ears

Walking across campus last night with the temperatures slowly sliding to single digit territory, I thought about the beauty of earmuffs. I didn't have any and currently my earlobes are thawing from the experience. It hurt.

This inspired me to look for odd earmuffs available in the universe and I was somewhat saddened and disappointed that there weren't more models of ridiculous earmuffs. A few cabbage patch dolls, a couple of hamburgers, and furry and polka-dotted examples were prevalent, but nothing that said, "These are just plain insane. I need a pair."

Then I found this ridiculous example and I thought, "Close." They are nerdy and I'm into that, and they're borderline ridiculous. I would like to post to the galaxy that someone should knit me a pair. Regardless, whatever fights Jack Frost nipping at my bling is on my side. That's what I'm talking about. Karma is the fact I lost my ears in last night's winds because I left the office unprotected.

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