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Sunday, December 12, 2010

This one for Jake - The "Love Bo"

Growing up, Casey made one proclamation loud and clear. She wanted to be a hostess on the Love Boat. Everyday, after school, she'd watch the show right after or before Fantasy Island and she would emulate her favorite shipmates.

Fast forward twenty-five years and, now, she has her little J-Cup singing with her the same theme song...although he says "Love Bo" instead of "Boat."

I post this today, with Sunday karma, in memory of a time that once was and for a time that now is. I am hoping that she will share this video with her youngest son and that the two of them can sing it together, especially while they are both wearing the matching pajamas I bought for her and Sean (when he was smaller and that have been handed to Jacob). That would be a precious morning, indeed. Too cute for words.

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