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Thursday, December 9, 2010


In year four of working with student teachers, I am on stronger ground for understanding the metamorphosis of development that occurs as individuals transition from student into educators. To see people grow, passionately, from where they once were to where they are now touches the heart and tantalizes the potential for humans to do great things.

In particular, I had the fortune of watching Jason Wait present his student teaching portfolio after his twelve-week placement and to see him blend his theoretical foundation for learning into active practice that moved student learning to new levels. To hear him tell his story of developing out of his military background, of surviving brain surgery mid-way through his masters degree, and then to demonstrate his talent to reach middle school students as a mentor and coach hit my heart and soul. It was a beautiful transition to witness before my eyes and it made me proud to be along for the journey.

Last night's presenters were all stellar and it brought me great optimism and hope for the future. Each and every soon-to-be graduate of the Syracuse University English Education program were remarkable: confident, mature, poised, and intelligent. A thousand standing ovations are deserved.

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