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Friday, August 6, 2010

Okay, so I like them

Jim Stafford entertained my record player as a kid. His song was on an LP that went on my whirling spinner on numerous occasions, and besides Cynde's Jack Wagner record, I think it was the only other record we owned. It had "Won't you take me to, Funky Town..." on it, too, and I forgot about this song. I think it is a transitional piece out of Rock n Roll, the 60s, and the acidity of the 70s. It's corny, but I always liked it.

And I thought about it yesterday when a black, hairy spider fell on me from the ceiling and took off in spastic glee all around my house. He was charged and I got a kick out of how fast he moved all around my house. Then when I went outside, there were three grass snakes on my front porch simply sitting there feeling the world with their tongues. They didn't move when I stepped outside, and pretended they were sticks.

They say both spiders and snakes are lucky creatures and to have them around is a good indicator of karma. I hope so. I know many are freaked out by them, but I sort of like their company and friendship.

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