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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another Summer Box Checked

My summer cohort turned in their final projects tonight and I distributed writer's notebooks and doodle poems (using their names) to say goodbye. Karma is knowing the hard work comes to an end and accomplishments are felt.

Apples. At the core, it can be as simple as this. After the
laughter of children subsides on a chaotic school day and the
yodels of the young are ready to go home and play,
some little kid stands and offers you an apple. at that moment,
everything is compacted in red deliciousness and a toothless smile.

“Please,” the child says, “it’s an
apple for you that I picked while at the orchard last
saturday; I grabbed this one especially for you…
since you’re always bringing us gifts
and we’re always driving you
nuts.” With this fruit, they place the galaxy in your hand and
tip toe back to the hallway.
every once in a while the magic is obvious after taking the first bite.

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