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Saturday, November 20, 2010

This kid cracks me up- I HATE DISNEY

On Day two of my Orlando conference, I find this I HATE DISNEY video created by a boy with a lisp who makes his case. While I'm inside all day listening to others around the country talk about English teaching issues, I will be thinking about the creative videos I would make if I actually could be online while I'm a guest in Disneyworld!

But, no! Not in the land of make believe! KMart has wireless. Airports have wireless. Gas stations have wireless. But Coronado Springs and the rest of this kingdom? Nope. You need an ethernet cable and a credit card. I welcome anyone to send these posts to what ever consumer groups keep track of bad businesses and I will be proud to stand for all guests who can't believe that this resort is not wireless.

I hope Walt himself is spinning in his grave.

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