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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


In the whims and fancy of changing seasons, my friend Tricia called to ask if I could help her get her house ready to put on the market (in 24 hours). I went over and did outside work, but told her I have limited time. Even so, she fed me lasagna on my great grandmother's china (which she bought) and, out of nowhere, pulled out a deck of tarot cards and read my present, past and future.

I've had my cards read a few times and am always spooked by how revealing they are. The last thing I expected from my leaf-blowing favor was to have my future read by Tricia. Even so, she did a great job and we were both inwardly contemplative by what the cards revealed...especially in light of finishing my dissertation and moving on with my life.

One of the odder cards asked me to look at the major events of yesterday to find meaning for the major changes I hope to have with my tomorrow. (See yesterday's post: Volleyball game with the boys). That can be interpreted a billion ways, but I like how yesterday blended my Kentucky life with my Syracuse life: sport, school, academia, and working with refugees and youth.

The other card that stood out was my personality card, which was placed upside down when layered on the table. Being upside down is an impish way to read what the card says, Tricia reported. Well, the card said I am an odd bird, an eccentric, a wild man, an imp, and unpredictable, so what an upside variation of this means, who knows? Perhaps it is that I'm normal, predictable, sane, and angelic.

The third card that cracked me up was where my present state is supposed to be. Trica pulled out a pregnant woman in a field of watermelons. She told me it's because I'm at a place that is nerve-wracking but inevitable...a new birth and a change (I suppose if I was knocked up that would be something new. The card featured a woman who was 8 months pregnant and ready to pop). Going into a semester of final doctoral work, I am hoping that something IS born out of all this work. I'm ready to deliver this dissertation already.

I have tarot cards but I never use them. I am thinking, however, that it might be a nice night (hint hint - I'm a cheap date...beer) to read someone else's and return the favor given to me last night. Karma for karma. That's what I say.

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