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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Saturday Night

There's comedy to my life sometimes, but there's also good ol' fashioned drama. You just never know.

Last night was a total geek-fest. At one point, I had to freeze the moment in time to say, "What are we doing? It's Saturday night."

Mustapha was working on an essay for his College English class on poetry and language, Edem was working on an essay to get into college, discussing how, in two years of schooling in the United States, he has passed his NYS Regents and wants to go to a four year school. The twins were doing research online and going through my library to find books to read. I was organizing data for another day of dissertation writing tomorrow. And at one point, everyone was in a different room totally nerding-out and getting their work done. It was odd.

Then Mustapha found African drums on my iPod and hooked it up to speakers. For a few minutes, they danced in a ceremony in the kitchen and went mad wild. But then it was back to work. (They filmed themselves dancing but deleted it because they were so embarrassed by how bad they danced.

Too bad, because posting their dancing online today would have been wonderful karma for this Sunday. When you think about what urban kids are doing on a Saturday night, it is not commonly conjectured that they're staying in to do homework.

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