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Monday, November 22, 2010

And Home Again

The best part of my Florida trip was seeing Vickie, a friend from high school, who lived in the area. She came to get me and we drove to the beach for a drink, crackers and catching up. This is the girl, 24 years ago, who I met a football game and who told me she desired to pour a bottle of Dr. Pepper on my head. I said she wouldn't.

She did.

Fast forward to high school and Vickie was central to all my experiences. She was the girl who tripped and fell over every thing. She's the one who could be heard on every floor of the school. She was the activist stirring up political trouble at every turn. She was the heartbeat and soul for loving the class of 1990.

She left for Florida soon after graduation and I don't see her enough. I believe the picture she took at the beach says everything about how much I enjoyed rekindling the friendship. I will channel this seen as I readjust to the winter to come.

As Tricia said when she learned I was seeing Vickie, "Brace yourself for the ride. Hold on tight."

I held on tight and every second was enjoyable.

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