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Monday, November 15, 2010


In Louisville, I often went to watch the Lady Cards play because they were stellar athletes on the court. Coached by Leonid Yelen, when they joined the Big East, I was excited that they'd get to play Syracuse, too. Often a buddy of mine, Dean - coach and gym teacher at the Brown school, and I would go to the games to catch Big East action. Usually, we'd sit in proximity to Denny Crum who also showed his support. Tournaments in Louisville were always exciting to watch.

Fast forward, and now I'm in Syracuse.

Yesterday, the Lady Cards were in Orange territory, and Abu, Lossine, Mustapha and Edem and I went to the game. It's always promising to see good sport on the court and yesterday didn't fail us...although Syracuse lost their mojo after the first game. Even so, the play was strong and I love the unions between Syra-ville and Louis-cuse. It always makes me feel karmically centered between all my worlds.

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